October 2011

VAAV recognised in “Sponsorship Works” 31.10.2011

Our favourite annual sponsorship book has just been released: Sponsorship Works; a collection of some of the best sponsorship case studies from around the world. And this year, we are in it!

The kind people at Sports Business felt that our Optima Open project had all the necessary ingredients to be documented in the book and that’s something that we are quite proud of. What I love about this book is that it’s not full of lots of theory and models like some sponsorship books. Instead it’s packed with great sponsorship stories, each with clear objectives, creative activation and proper evaluation. Music to a sponsorship professionals ears!

Top Topical at a price? 29.10.2011

Like many agencies in Belgium, we received an interesting communication from the Belgian Olympic Committee this week. The email gently reminded all agencies and brands that the Olympic Marketing Rights are reserved for sponsors of the IOC TOP programme, sponsors of the Local Organising Committee and sponsors of the National Olympic Committees (which is quite a number of sponsors). And rightly so in our opinion. The email then went on to say that all brands sponsoring an individual athlete must not communicate in any way around that individual athletes’ achievement at the Summer Olympic Games. The implication is that any brand that advertises on the back of Olympic success by an athlete that they sponsor will be hearing from the Belgian Olympic Committee.

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