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VAAV launches new Sponsorship Conference 29.10.2015

Great news! We’ve got lots of clever people from the sponsorship business together and created SponsorLive, an educational and interactive conference dedicated to sponsorship excellence and knowledge sharing.

VAAV scores an ace with 6th Optima Open 17.08.2015

This weekend saw the 6th edition of the Optima Open in Knokke-Heist, an official tournament on the ATP Champions Tour. The event came to a close with Xavier Malisse beating Pete Sampras in a thrilling final.

VAAV’s Top 10 all time influential Sponsorships 24.02.2015

We often get asked for inspiring examples of truly great sponsorship and we do have lots of favourites. Some sponsorships were so good that they had a lasting effect on our industry so we got our heads together at the office and came up with a list. You may not agree with all of them and we may have missed a few, but we hope it will stimulate some discussion. Any additions to the list are welcome. Enjoy! Click here to see the Top 10


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