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VAAV Communication launches the Telenet Valet Service 02.04.2014

Telenet has been a loyal client of ours for 10 years! This year the Flemish cable company became title sponsor of the Flemish Golf Federation’s flagship event, the Beker Van Vlaanderen. The “Beker” is the largest amateur golf competition in Belgium, with some 4500 golfers participating in 46 clubs. The series culminates in a Final at Cleydael Golf Club on 27th September.

A sign of the times 04.02.2014

Whether you choose a team or an individual, a sponsorship property should embody values that reflect well on your own brand image. But that relationship should always be protected by a comprehensive contract, allowing the sponsor to take action should the rights holder act in a way that could tarnish the sponsor's image.

Can sponsorship measure up?

A recent survey published by the Association of National Advertisers* in the USA has revealed some interesting facts about sponsorship measurement.


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