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Telenet: opening up the world for hospital kids 19.06.2012

For this month’s blog I’m going to talk about one of the most effective tools in the sponsorship box: social sponsorship.

Imagine you’re a journalist receiving a press release about a large charitable donation. The amount is generous, the cause is a worthy one, but once the fact of the donation is stated, the amount and the purpose, there may not be much more left to say. A purely monetary gift may well go into a general pot to fund salaries, administration or even vehicles. Even a targeted donation to fund a vehicle or a building project has a limited impact in a crowded ‘market’.

Just do it! 06.03.2012

In a recent survey by the social media measurement agency, Brandwatch, it was revealed that Nike is the brand most associated with the Olympic Games. Some people may not be surprised by this finding given Nike’s position in the world of sport, but the most surprising element about this is that Nike has never been an official sponsor of the International Olympic Committee and is not one of the London sponsors. A recent Ipsos Mori poll in the UK, also showed that 59% of people could not name a single Olympic sponsor!

The measurement question.......again! 11.01.2012

At this time of year I like to look back on the past 12 months and try to figure out what is the single most frequently asked sponsorship question that has come out of our many discussions with clients, prospects and industry colleagues. And the winner is.............. “Does our sponsorship deliver a good return on investment and how can we measure that?”


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