How do we measure it?

Sponsorship measurement can tell you if you are meeting your objectives, and which parts of the sponsorship contract are having the most effect. Over a multi-year contract, measurement can help focus and drive your activation programme. And when it comes to negotiating a new contract with the rights holder, sponsorship research can be crucial to getting the right deal.

Sponsorship should always be measured against defined objectives. It is astounding how many companies neither set sponsorship objectives nor measure against them but choose instead to go with their “gut feel”.

Examples of quantitative measurement:

  • Measuring direct sales achieved by the sponsorship
  • Measuring up-selling amongst clients with exposure to the sponsorship
  • Estimating media value of presence on TV, press or on-line
  • Website figures during the sponsorship activity
  • Facebook or Twitter likers and followers
  • Number of competition entrants
  • Company recruitment figures
  • Brand Awareness of the sponsorship amongst participants and non participants

Examples of qualitative measurement:

  • Perception of the brand by people exposed to the sponsorship
  • ‘Best sponsor’ status amongst fans or visitors
  • Understanding of brand functionality amongst specific groups (eg sports fans)
  • Changes in brand preference amongst those exposed to the sponsorship
  • Propensity to buy or consume the brand due to the sponsorship
  • Employee pride/motivation