Sponsorship Services

If you’re looking to leverage better value from your communications mix, sponsorship is a good place to start.

Effective sponsorship needs a strategy, and VAAV Communication believes each strategy should be built on certain key steps. We bring many years of combined experience to the process, working hand-in-hand with our clients to negotiate and manage powerful and creative campaigns in sport, art and culture, entertainment, and social sponsorship

Successful sponsorship is about more than getting your logos on shirts and billboards. Without careful alignment with brand values – and effective activation – even basic aims such as raising awareness may meet with limited success. And sponsorship for emotional reasons – such as personal affinity to a team – can lead to disappointing results.

But by working towards defined goals, strategic sponsorship can bring an excellent – and measurable – return on your investment or involvement.

Those goals can include sales leads, business networking and exclusive media content. The scope of the campaign can range from international awareness to generating customer loyalty through competitions and promotions.

Strategic sponsorship means:

  • A clear strategy and defined goals
  • Relevance to your brand values
  • Relevance to your target audience
  • Added value for your target audience
  • Medium to long-term planning
  • An activation budget based on clear objectives
  • Agreed measurement parameters